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Ok game

I love real steel the movie but the game has way to many in app purchases!!!!!!!

Crash and not so awsome

Crash all the time ans to be honest, complexity of the game is....unexistant

Very good!!!!

Très bon jeu

Really good but

The icons for the punchs are very bad, but the game is really good.


Very good game

Really bad

Its the worse game a ever bought . The commands do not work well, I never menaged to call a combo. When I won it was only luck. Hard to play and even if you buy the packs its still not fun. Its only pro is that is beautiful. I regret I bought it and do not recommend

Big Problem! Não caia nessa!

Porcaria! Depois de um tempo jogando, ele vai dar pau e não vai mais carregar. Daí, você vai acionar o suporte e descobrir que ocorre com todo mundo e ninguém da Reliance te responde! Fuja disso! After purchasing the Atom robot the App started jump out all the time. I discovered that when I switch the IPad to airplane mode works fine but completly offline (I could not restore my previous purchases). Ive contacted the company support (the technical forum on the Reliance website), but nobody has answered yet (more than a month ago). I lose my money! I do not recommend the Reliance UK products. They are not a serious company!


Muito legal mais melhor de bom

Mto bom

Mto top... Bom msm

Cant connect to iTunes Store

Its a good game, but I cant connect to iTunes store, cant buy anything. Already tried uninstalling didnt work.


Nothing bad.

Good but expensive

When "build your own bot" and other stuff is free, ill rate 5 stars But the sounds and combos are very cool, better then in the current aviable ReelSteelWRB game

Recommend Game App

I loved the movie. I downloaded the game app because I saw the movie. I love the game app. Atom and the other noticeable fighter robots look great. The multiple challenges are great too. I would give it five stars if the complete challenges, robots, and BYOR was free or achievable through game progression. Thank you Real Steel developers for providing a great game app. God bless.


I didnt get the things I purchased. I purchased zuse was 2 & the Boyer pack that was 3



Its pretty good

I like it and I am Theron

I love it but...

I wish i can update it because it says i need iOS 7 but i have iOS 6 on my ipod 4 and it has no bugs or glitches.



Pretty good...

Change the music though!!!! Its so bad! Also, dont make it that we have to pay for the robots. Maybe, add in-game credits?

Awesome game

Pretty awesome game

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